Selling Your Home Fast!

June 26, 2008

There are no shortage of advice and tips for selling your home. But, in a slow or declining market the single most important factor is pricing your house right.

In a bullish housing market where there are many interested buyers, ready and willing to buy, home sellers will have little problem in selling their homes at the prices they wanted.

Pricing Your Home Right

The biggest problem for most home sellers is not adjusting their listing prices to the market when little or no interest is shown by home buyers or their real estate agents. In order for a sale to take place, there must be sufficient buyer interests and property viewings, followed by price negotiations by the interested buyers. If your home is not having weekly showings by other realtors, you home is over-priced.


No matter what the market condition, adjusting your selling price will eventually result in an interested buyer willing to buy your home.

A buyer’s willingness to buy your home is as a result of his or her positive perception on the value of your home in comparison to other properties available on the market. The buyer will only be willing to pay you the price he or she is willing to offer.

Failing To Address Your Reason For Selling

The biggest problem with any home seller in selling their home is not thinking through the process and examine his or her motivation for selling. Your Realtor can help guide you through the process of selling your home.

When your home is listed on the MLS system, you must monitor the market feedback and adjust your marketing strategy in response to the market. Work closely with your Realtor, and be responsive to the market expectation.

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