Vancouver Real Estate Fueled By Rich Chinese Immigrants

April 26, 2011

Rich Chinese immigrants are fueling the Vancouver housing market

Investments by rich Chinese buyers are playing a role in helping to buoy the hottest real estate market in Canada. There are no tally data on foreign investment in residential real estate in metro Vancouver. Widespread media reports suggest investment cash from China is very significant factor, especially in the market for expensive homes. Globe & Mail article published April 24, 2011.

The strong demand by rich buyers for detached homes especially in Richmond and  Vancouver west is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

  Vancouver homeCanada is the most prefer contry for Mainland Chinese immigration and real estate investment. As more affluent Chinese aim to move, as well as invest their money abroad, expansive homes are sought by these rich immigrants.

The method of exit is to qualify to immigrate to Canada as an “immigrant investor”. In Canada, an immigrant investor must have a net worth of $1.6-million and make an $800,000 investment – these figures are twice what they were last year.

The Vancouver region is estimated to receive about half of 10,000 or so immigrants who come to Canada annually under this program.

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