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January 31, 2013

Real Estate in Richmond

Richmond Chinese realtor Richmond Real Estate in British Columbia is subject to changing market forces that affect the supply and demand for homes. Richmond is one of the most favoured locations in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Many new immigrants, especially those immigrants from China, are attracted to Richmond because of the large Chinese community in the area. James Wong, a long time resident of Richmond and a Chinese Realtor, is active in Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby. and long time . 

James speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin, allowing him to communicate with practically any home buyer or seller in a language they can understand.


Richmond is an attractive city for James, as getting around the city is easy and Richmond has an active real estate market. As a full-time licensed Realtor, James’s experience and knowledge in real estate and home financing are valuable to home buyers and sellers. Home ownership to many people is more than just a shelter, it means many different things to different home owners.

Buying Or Selling your home

Whether your are buying or selling, you need to be informed of the real estate market. James can provide you the latest market situation, trend and advise you the options available to you. Assessing your situation and needs can open up the possibilities and options you could consider. Buying a home in a good neighborhood offers you the best opportunity for your home to appreciate in value. Selling your home successfully and quickly at market value requires good planning and execution. Many home owners are faced with a situation where they have to sell and buy almost at the same time. This is the most challenging task for even the most experienced REALTORS®, as Canadian Banks are not willing to finance 2 homes at the same time. Whatever your situation, James has the real estate experience to help you with your realty needs. 

“I want to give you the kind of experience I would look for if I were going to buy or sell a home”

You can E-mail or contact me  at 604-721-4817 for a discussion on your real estate needs.

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