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February 1, 2013

 Condo Life Benefits

Richmond City Centre CondoThe benefits of condo life create an impressive profile of what home seekers can expect when they consider buying a condo. When looking deeper into the search, one will find that ‘condo life’ means more than merely living in a condominium; the term refers to an entire life style. Because of this, condos are never to be taken lightly.

But what benefits should make one consider buying a condo? Everything about the condo community is different than what new buyers have encountered before. Those interested will find it all appealing, and for good reason.

The two words that describe condo communities the most clearly and accurately are ‘convenience’ and ‘control.’ Everything involved in condo life falls in either one or both of these two categories, and therein lies the appeal.

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The most significant distinction regarding condo life is that it is a financial investment. Unlike the case with apartments, occupants own their condos. The money paid on the mortgage provides several incentives from building equity to qualifying for tax breaks, both of which bring about future security. In this way, this benefit is both a convenience and a means of control because the investment refers to ownership and stability, not debt.

The word ‘ownership’ here is another key word. It alludes to an additional benefit to living in a condo community: possessing control not only over the condo unit, but also the community itself and how it is regulated, used and maintained. This is also a case of convenience, as condo owners can enjoy the many amenities of the community at any time. Condos offer a place for people to live and feel secure; they are synonymous with survival, where ownership takes care of all personal needs, and this includes the need to belong and feel accepted in a greater body of people. When a person owns a condo, she or he is recognized and respected as both an individual with her or his own private space and an integral, significant part of a thriving group. The condo owner takes on a sense of importance and purpose with a voice sought after and valued by others.

Condo life is so relaxing, and that’s because the members of the community design it that way. Convenience and control ensure that life is safe, comfortable and unique.

As individuals, condo owners are privileged in the sense that they not only have their own space, but that space can be whatever they want it to be, from floral design for flower lovers to mural walls for the art lover. Of course, the condo board bylaws quite often restrict certain forms of activity. Still, the members of the association (i,e, the condo owners) vote on and develop those laws, so they have the power to instill their own freedom and the freedom of others. That freedom is equal for all because everyone involved has the same rights to conduct her or his lives as she or he sees fit, as long as she or he respects the rights of others in the community.

Anyone interested in buying a condo obtains more than a place to live; she or he obtains a family. Everyone has a voice, and no decision can be made without the input of each voice comprising the community. In that way, each community member (i.e. condo owner) assumes a sense of propriety and belonging right from the beginning.

As a retiree, Daniel Watson decided to pursue the Condo lifestyle. He understands that it has it’s pros and cons but, hey, it sure beats cutting the grass! If you read this article, and are considering a move like Daniel, make sure to do a mortgage rate comparison at websites like Kanetix to make condo life a little easier.

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