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cityscape.jpgThe real estate market changes over time, and the market for Richmond & Vancouver follows the general housing market elsewhere.  Vancouver and Richmond are two of the favourite neighborhoods for home buyers. View homes for sale in Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby.

My name is James Wong, a Chinese Realtor with over 24 years experience in the real estate business. Working with a local experience Realtor will help to guide you finding the home that’s right for you.  Whether  your are buying or selling, being informed and working with an experienced agent will help you through the process of buying or selling your home. Search homes for sale in Richmond.

The internet has enabled home buyers and sellers to learn, research and find out the latest news on a particular market. Real estate is about location, and buying a home in the right location offers you the best opportunity for appreciate. Similarly, selling your home quickly at market value requires good planning and execution. Many home owners are faced with the dilemma having to deal with selling and buying their homes at the same time. In a complicated situation when you have to move your mortgage from one home to another, you need the help of an experienced agent to guide you through the process.

Whatever your situation, I have the local Richmond real estate experience to help you with your realty needs. I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and these allow me to communicate with you in your language. 

“I want to give you the kind of experience I would look for if I were going to buy or sell a home”

 You can contact James Wong at 604-721-4817 or email James for a discussion.

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