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robsoncrt280.jpgWhat’s Your Motivation for Selling?

It is important to clearly think through your motivation for selling your home. Everybody has a reason to sell. You could be setting yourself up for disappointment if you are not truly motivated or committed to sell your home. You should start by talking to at least three neighborhood Realtors. Ask each of them about their marketing plans and how and what each of them will do to sell your home. After reviewing the comparative market analysis presented by your Realtors, you can decide who is likely to be a better choice for you.

Pricing your home correctly

The real estate market is relatively transparent when comes to pricing. Under prevailing market conditions a property is considered fairly priced when comparable and the most recent sales data are used to determine the listing price.

depending on the market demand and pricing trend, in a balanced-market, setting the listing price at 5% to 10% higher than comparable sales could be excessive, and may result in little interest from buyers and agents. Overpricing means fewer showings and poor responses from home buyers and agents.

An experienced Realtor would have already cautioned you on your price expectation, and after a 2 to 3 weeks full exposure on the market, your Realtor should be able to up-date you on the market response. If required, you may need to adjust your selling price to be more inline with the prevailing prices of homes that are in competition with you.

If you don’t price your home to compete with the other similar properties on the market, nobody will even look at your home. Why should they if they can buy a similar house for much cheaper?

Buy or sell first?

It’s very common that a home owner is selling his present home and buying another home in the process. Buying or selling first becomes a tricky problem to solve. The most practical way to solve the problem is to sell and buy at the same time. “Pricing your house fairly” is important if you are expecting to sell your home within 30 – 60 days of listing.

There are some basic house keeping and home preparation works that are needed to be done to present your home for sale. Click here for articles and tips on selling your home.

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